Cluster Groups

RBC Clusters are our way of keeping connection, communication and care across the whole RBC community. Our hope is that being linked in with others from your local area will be a helpful reminder that church is on your doorstep, in your streets and just round the corner. Our Deacon for Pastoral Care, Liz Pannell, oversees the Cluster network.

Our church community live all over Redhill, Reigate and further afield – this geographical area has been divided into 10 different zones. The people who live in each zone form a cluster or two. Each cluster is facilitated by a couple of leaders who keep in touch from time to time;

checking in, offering prayer support and may also be part of communicating updates or news from RBC. Cluster leaders are also available for you to phone them if you’d like a chat or someone to pray with/for you. Our hope is that every person who gets involved with RBC will also join a cluster in their local area.