Hello and welcome

We aim to be a friendly, inclusive, Bible based and prayerful church, revealing the love of Jesus Christ to everyone in our local area and beyond! We celebrate the diversity of our church family and love to warmly welcome people whatever their background or situation.
Even though we may be scattered in these difficult times, we are still encouraged and strengthened in our Christian discipleship through the prayers, teaching and worship in our on-site & online services, mid-week meetings and resources brought to us by the gifted and talented members of our church community.

Christmas 2023

There’s much that crowds our view at Christmas but the invitation of the Bible is for us to ‘behold’, to view if you like, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords – Jesus.

Join us at Redhill Baptist Church this Christmas as together we look to behold Jesus – because in us seeing Jesus our lives can be transformed.

What’s on this week

Join us onsite and online at 10.00am this Sunday morning..

‘The Well’ –an invitation to repent, restore & rebuild 

My people: bring me your hearts

-3rd Sunday of the month @7.00pm-

“My people, i see your hearts. You have good hearts because you have been born again and renewed by my Holy Spirit”

You are invited to enter His presence. He’s waiting for you to come.