Martin & Eva Horton


Martin and Eva both play a crucial role in the work of Bible translation. He helps build up the foundation of prayer that pushes Bible translation forward, and she produces language maps used from the first stages of translation right through to engaging people with the translated Scriptures. Here they tell the moving story of how God called them to this important work.

Martin: As far back as I can remember, I’d always wanted to be an actor. I’d also wanted to be a stuntman, an air steward and a zookeeper – but I never imagined joining Wycliffe and being the editor of the prayer diary!

I didn’t grow up in a faith-filled family. Somehow, and I don’t know how this happened, I found a book in the house about a boy who went to a Christian youth group, and I strongly believe this provided a foundation for my faith.


My faith journey involved many twists and turns

My faith journey involved many twists and turns, but the short version is that I gave my life to Jesus as the result of an Alpha course in Cambridge in 2003. Later that year, I moved to Sheffield, where I did a year out with the church I’d started attending. God did a lot of healing in my life at the time, but it was also a period where I was able to get an overview of the Bible, the seeds of a passion for prayer, and my first experience of a mission trip.

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RBC also supports other short and long-term missions, both within the UK and abroad in other countries. Our prayers are with those who are absent from RBC whilst following God’s call to missionary work.

An Update from Martin and Eva(March 2021)