Romania – Meals on Wheels Project


Obed-Edom Charity is a regional organisation which was started in 1998 and formally established in 2004. It was funded by a Dutch organisation named ‘Vrienden van Roemenie’ (Lexmond).

The charity has had several projects over the years but currently covers two active one. The main one  is Meals on Wheels. This project provides a two course meal for 5 days a week to 23 poorest of the poor, vulnerable and elderly people. Our home delivered meals service provides friendly social contact for those who may be confined to their homes, and a regular check that they are safe and well.


We work in partnership with a Christian restaurant who are able to support our elderly even during Covid times when all restaurants were closed. Meals on Wheels has started in 2012 and since 2019 has been supported by Redhill Baptist Church and generous sponsors from the RBC community. There is always a waiting list and many more in need that would benefit from these meals.

(Last summer both Abel and Simona Mirauta were able to help more with this project and the extra-hands were well received.)

Charity work is one of the cornerstones of the Christian faith. Whether it’s through volunteering, donations, or providing a safe haven for those in need, the church remains a foundation. We are grateful for all the support received from RBC.


Author: Abel Mirauta Dec 2020