As Jesus taught us to ‘love your neighbour’, so we at RBC pour out our love and support to those of our local community.

From inviting parents and carers into our building for Baby Grow and Toddlers, to holding community events on the Cromwell estate, our heart is firmly rooted in sharing God’s truth and love with those outside our church community.

Heading up our Family Ministries, Miranda and the team run seminars and courses including safeguarding and keeping your children safe, managing challenging behaviour, parenting teenagers and Family Links – Nurturing Programme/Parenting Puzzle.

Throughout the school holidays, the team also run a Lunch Club where families can come and join with us to make healthy food and share fun activities together.

We aim to bridge the holiday hunger gap that families face in the school holidays when there is no ‘Free School Meal’ provided. For more information go to;

Even with the onset of Covid, the team was out in force during August 2020, welcoming families in to our walk through session.

It was beautiful to see everyone; a wonderful chance to work as a team and serve together and to have the opportunity to chat with our Lunch Club families in the midst of all the restrictions.

Over the last few years, we have had the pleasure of co-hosting a four day Summer programme with the Head 2 Head Theatre Company (interactive theatre for children with sensory and special needs). The children who joined us loved the themes of ‘Toad on the Road’ (pictured right) and the more recent ‘Pinocchio & Pals!’

RBC has had a long history in the work of SparkFish and this year they celebrate 10 years!

Check out their website;

and also their 10th Birthday celebrations on YouTube;

If there is anything above that you want to know more about, or just to ask what is available for you and your family, please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!

Either call the Church Office on 01737 764065, or email Miranda at