31st October, 2021

Sunday 31st October – Rooted? – Emotionally Healthy Discipleship

Sunday 31st October – Rooted? – Emotionally Healthy Discipleship

‘Subversive Sabbath’ – Discover the Rhythms of Daily Office and Sabbath (Daniel 6: 6-13)

Many of us are eager to develop our relationship with God. The problem, however, is that we can’t seem to stop long enough to be with Him. And if we aren’t busy, we feel guilty that we’re wasting time and not being productive. It is like being addicted – not to drugs or alcohol – but to tasks, work and doing.

The Rhythms of Daily office and Sabbath offer us a way to deeply root our lives in Him These two ancient disciplines go back thousands of years, yet when placed inside present-day culture offer us a counter-cultural alternative to the fast pace of modern life.

After being forcibly removed from his country and home, Daniel was given a prestigious education and high-level job in government. The pressure on him to conform to the values of Babylon was great.

What difference would it make to your life if you celebrated a Sabbath every week?